Extra money this summer for kids meals

Extra money is available to SNAP recipients this summer to make sure kids are getting the meals they need during summer break. Traditionally there has been no change in the amount of SNAP benefits one receives during the school year and summer, despite the fact that children have lunch provided during the school year (at school) but not during the summer.

The need for summer lunch programs is addressed by a number of sites throughout Hamilton County which provide lunches, but these locations may not be feasible to all eligible families. The decision was made at the Federal level to increase summer SNAP benefits to provide these families more money at the grocery stores this summer. The program gives eligible families an extra $120 per child for the summer months, which can be spent on groceries anywhere that accepts SNAP EBT benefits.

Eligible households include the following: 1) Households that already participate in SNAP; 2) Households whose child attends a school that offers the National Lunch Program or School Breakfast Program and has a free or reduced-price lunch application filed; 3) Households whose child participates in Medicaid or OWF and household income is at or below 185% of the Federal Poverty Line.

If you are already signed up with one of these programs the benefits will automatically be transferred to your account, monthly, this summer. If you are not already signed up for one of these programs but may be eligible, you can check your eligibility and sign up online. If you need to apply, you will be asked to provide information such as your child’s name, school, date of birth, and home address. You will also be asked to report your household income. You will not need to provide information such as social security numbers or proof of citizenship.

The USDA website has a page with links to sign-up, just pick which state in which you seek to apply. You can also download and print a flyer to distribute to interested parties. These flyers are available in ArabicEnglishChinese (simplified)SpanishTagalog, and Vietnamese.

You can find more resources related to food and clothing, as well as child and youth development by selecting the “Food & Clothing”, “Child Development“, and or “Youth Development” category tabs on our Social Service “Utilization Library” page.

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